New Watchdog Security Alarm Systems & Surveillance Cameras Commercial Live From Mule Creek State Prison

Check out our new commercial we posted on our YouTube channel. We set up an alarm and camera booth at Mule Creek State Prison to demo some of  our new products and services. We highlighted the new Northern Video IP surveillance camera line of products along with the new NVR “network video recorder” with 4TB of video storage and our 4 megapixel cameras with 1080p HD quality and 2.8mm lense for wide camera shots to cover a very big area to view, they are metal vandal proof dome style cameras so they can take several hits from a baseball bat before cracking or breaking, perfect for high crime areas where vandals may potentially try to disable or break them, they also have excellent night vision that will reach up to 100ft. The other camera we were featuring is the new Northern Video wedge camera that is much smaller and has built in audio microphone for listening and audio recording capabilities and night vision up to 30ft. On the alarm side of things we are very excited to roll out the brand new IQ2 panel and Qolsys line of security sensors and products like glass break, motion detection and even fire detection. The new IQ2 panel uses a LTE cellular chip built into the control panel from and Verizon network, the fastest in the nation. Other features include a built in 2 way voice enhancement microphone for speaking live an operator when the alarm is triggering in the event on a break in or medical, fire emergency. It even has a hostage code we can program into the panel for a silent alarm and a stunning 7 inch touchscreen keypad and a built in photo frame with SD card slot for uploading your own pictures and family photos. Another exciting feature that the new IQ2 panel includes a Z wave chip that you can program home automation devices into for smart home automation like thermostat control, lighting and even door lock and garage roll up door control all from the ease of your smartphone, tablet and computer anywhere is  the world through the user portal and app. There is even a way to integrate your surveillance security cameras into the platform for total ease and control, it does not get any better than this. Watch this short commercial to learn more and keep up with our blog, news feed for more exciting information to come on new upcoming product releases.

DIY or Professionally Installed


There are many options when shopping for ways to secure your home or business these days. With so many choices on the market it can be overwhelming to decide what is best to fit your security needs. I will run through the pros and cons of some of the different options.


Firstly, you will want to decide between having a professional company such as Watchdog Security come out to install the system for you or if you will purchase the equipment online/in store and install the system yourself. There are a few very important differences between the two types that you should factor in before making your decision. With a DIY system the obvious appeal is the cost! When you buy something, and do the work yourself it saves money!! However, what commonly happens is you get excited go to the store and once you get it home and out of the box it turns out to be much more complicated than you had anticipated! What now? Call to have someone install the DIY system? Unfortunately, it will be hard if not impossible to find a professional to install a DIY system. Why you ask? Because they know the functionality is not the same and they cannot warranty the equipment. You are a DIY expert you say and the installation will be a breeze? That is wonderful many people are, so before making your decision let’s take a look at the difference in functionality. Remember when we talked about price? Well like any other electronic device the operating system means everything and in this area, you get what you pay for. Let me elaborate! When you set up your DIY system the signal communicates to the app through your internet modem, which means it will only communicate based on your WiFi signal speed and strength. This also means if the power goes out, internet is down, or the internet cable on the outside of your home or business is cut you will not get a signal from your security panel if there is an alarm triggered event. Another thing to consider is the type of monitoring you want: is your systems purpose to make noise only or so you want it to call out to police, medical and fire department in the event of an emergency. If you are looking for a noise maker only and you are a good at DIY this may be the system for you!


Let’s now look a little closer at the features you will get with a professionally installed security system. The first thing is the cost may be more reasonable than you may think, many times if you are a homeowner we can install a system for little to no money down.  Your system will be professionally installed and the equipment will have a manufacturer warranty. The functionality will be the area where you will see the biggest difference, where the DIY system communicates through your internet modem, our professionally installed systems communicate to you and the monitoring station via a cellular chip within the panel. This panel is a tamper proof panel which means if someone tried to pull it off the wall, disable or break the panel it will still send a signal to the monitoring station. In addition there is no phone line or internet line that can be cut by a potential burglar because of the cellular chip contained within the panel. The panel also contains a 24 hour back up battery that will recharge itself when the power returns. Essentially it comes down to the level of protection you want for your home and business.

There is a system out there for everyone, whether a do it yourselfer or you prefer to have someone handle the installation for you be sure you ask the right questions based on your family and business needs. Before you make your final decision call Watchdog Security for a free in home consultation!

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Sacramento Man In Custody After Fatal Stabbing

Man in custody after fatal stabbing

SACRAMENTO — A 21-year-old man was taken into custody Saturday night in connection to a fatal late-night stabbing at a home on Woodrick Way in Sacramento. Just after 11 p.m. Saturday, sheriff’s dispatchers received a call regarding an apparent stabbing at a Sacramento home. When officers responded to a home along the 7000 block of Woodrick Way, they found a 31-year-old man suffering from a stab wound in the upper torso. After deputies attempted life-saving measures, the victim was taken…

Man in custody after fatal stabbing

POSTED 9:16 AM, JUNE 25, 2017, BY , UPDATED AT 09:14AM, JUNE 25, 2017

SACRAMENTO — A 21-year-old man was taken into custody Saturday night in connection to a fatal late-night stabbing at a home on Woodrick Way in Sacramento.

Just after 11 p.m. Saturday, sheriff’s dispatchers received a call regarding an apparent stabbing at a Sacramento home.

When officers responded to a home along the 7000 block of Woodrick Way, they found a 31-year-old man suffering from a stab wound in the upper torso. After deputies attempted life-saving measures, the victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he later died.

According to the sheriff’s department, the victim and the suspect both lived at the residence, though few details have been released as to what led up to the stabbing.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department has yet to release the identity of the victim, pending notification of family. The identity of the suspect, however, is expected to be released later today, according to the sheriff’s office. Video Monitoring

New Product Release Qolsys IQ Panel 2

We are very excited to be able to offer the newest alarm panel on the market. It has more features to help customer use their smart system.

Learn How To Install 2 GiG Go Control Keyfob Remote

How to video on programming 2 gig key fob remote. This video will walk you through the programming steps needed to properly learn in a new 2 gig key fob remote control.

Surveillance Video Shows SUV Intentionally Hitting Cars at Gas Station

Surveillance Video Shows SUV Intentionally Hitting Cars at Gas Station

Driver Goes on Ramming Rampage at Gas Station

SACRAMENTO — A woman went on a car ramming rampage mowing down random cars at a Sacramento gas station, and it’s all caught on camera. The problem is five days after the ordeal, victims say police haven’t picked up the surveillance video. The victims say they they’ve figured out who the culprit is and they want police to investigate.It’s one of those stories you wouldn’t fully believe unless you saw it for yourself.

But it is captured from four different angles at the Arco on Northgate and San Juan in South Natomas.

Saturday, May 20, a woman driving a champagne-colored Land Rover mowed down three cars leaving seven victims in her wake.

“Her eyes, it was like crazy eyes. I thought she was trying to kill us,” said Darian Murphy.

Murphy and her friend were the first two victims. She had just parked her white Lexus at the gas station around 1:30 a.m.

“I see this car coming super fast, I was like ‘oh crap she’s going to hit us,'” said Murphy.

The suspect SUV seems to be moving on, but then backs into a red sedan. That car belonged to store clerk Dinesh Tandel who watched in disbelief from inside the store as the SUV took off chasing Murphy’s car.

But on the way, the suspect swerves to hit Brenda Turner’s car. Turner and three passengers barely make it out before the impact.

“I ran, I just didn’t know what to do, I was so scared,” said Mia Sawyer, one of Turner’s passengers.

However, Turner’s elderly aunt Billie Harris didn’t make it out of the car until after the crash.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life,” said Harris

The SUV keeps coming for Murphy who can’t find a clear path out of the gas station before the car slams into her again.

Murphy escapes and for an instant it looks like the rampage is over, but then the suspect comes back for one more shot at Turner’s family.

As terrifying as that was, the victims tell FOX40 there’s something even more disturbing, the police response or lack thereof. They say police have classified their reports as hit and runs and have not followed up to get the video of what happened.

“Its an assault and assault on three people,” said Mac Aguilar, Murphy’s father.

For the first time since their ordeal the victims gathered in once place Thursday and compared notes. They say still have no idea why this happened.
However they believe they have tracked down the driver saying she lives in the neighborhood, is still driving around in the SUV used in the attack and is a regular at the gas station and has even been back since the ramming spree. They say they’ve been trying to share this formation with police not only to get justice but to get peace of mind.

“As long as she’s on the street still I’m not going to feel safe,” said Murphy