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Surveillance Video Shows SUV Intentionally Hitting Cars at Gas Station

Surveillance Video Shows SUV Intentionally Hitting Cars at Gas Station

Driver Goes on Ramming Rampage at Gas Station

SACRAMENTO — A woman went on a car ramming rampage mowing down random cars at a Sacramento gas station, and it’s all caught on camera. The problem is five days after the ordeal, victims say police haven’t picked up the surveillance video. The victims say they they’ve figured out who the culprit is and they want police to investigate.It’s one of those stories you wouldn’t fully believe unless you saw it for yourself.

But it is captured from four different angles at the Arco on Northgate and San Juan in South Natomas.

Saturday, May 20, a woman driving a champagne-colored Land Rover mowed down three cars leaving seven victims in her wake.

“Her eyes, it was like crazy eyes. I thought she was trying to kill us,” said Darian Murphy.

Murphy and her friend were the first two victims. She had just parked her white Lexus at the gas station around 1:30 a.m.

“I see this car coming super fast, I was like ‘oh crap she’s going to hit us,'” said Murphy.

The suspect SUV seems to be moving on, but then backs into a red sedan. That car belonged to store clerk Dinesh Tandel who watched in disbelief from inside the store as the SUV took off chasing Murphy’s car.

But on the way, the suspect swerves to hit Brenda Turner’s car. Turner and three passengers barely make it out before the impact.

“I ran, I just didn’t know what to do, I was so scared,” said Mia Sawyer, one of Turner’s passengers.

However, Turner’s elderly aunt Billie Harris didn’t make it out of the car until after the crash.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life,” said Harris

The SUV keeps coming for Murphy who can’t find a clear path out of the gas station before the car slams into her again.

Murphy escapes and for an instant it looks like the rampage is over, but then the suspect comes back for one more shot at Turner’s family.

As terrifying as that was, the victims tell FOX40 there’s something even more disturbing, the police response or lack thereof. They say police have classified their reports as hit and runs and have not followed up to get the video of what happened.

“Its an assault and assault on three people,” said Mac Aguilar, Murphy’s father.

For the first time since their ordeal the victims gathered in once place Thursday and compared notes. They say still have no idea why this happened.
However they believe they have tracked down the driver saying she lives in the neighborhood, is still driving around in the SUV used in the attack and is a regular at the gas station and has even been back since the ramming spree. They say they’ve been trying to share this formation with police not only to get justice but to get peace of mind.

“As long as she’s on the street still I’m not going to feel safe,” said Murphy

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Two Killed after Car Fleeing from Police Crashes POSTED 12:12 PM, APRIL 4, 2017, BY IAN MCDONALD AND ERIC RUCKER, UPDATED AT 06:39PM, APRIL 4, 2017
STOCKTON — Two people were killed and one person was taken into custody following a police chase in Stockton, police said.

According to Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva, Stockton officers got a report of someone brandishing a gun in a car near East Hammer Lane and Holman Road. At the same time, police say, officers in Lodi said they were looking for that car in connection to an armed robbery at a Lodi Costco.

Stockton police tried to pull the gray Ford over, but it fled. The driver led officers on a one minute, one mile pursuit, reaching speeds of about 50 mph. The car ultimately hit a bicyclist and three other cars at West Hammer Lane and Alexandria Place.

The suspect vehicle flipped and was upside down.

Two people in the suspect car were pronounced dead at the scene, and a third was taken into custody.

Police pursuit leads to rollover crash two suspects are dead Hammer Ln., Stockton


The bicyclist and people in the other cars will be treated for their minor injuries.

The suspects have not yet been identified.

Stay with FOX40 and for updates on this developing story.

Gun rampage kills 2 deputies in Sacramento region

Danny Oliver’s last shift ended with the veteran Sacramento sheriff’s deputy doing something he would have done countless times before in his career, walking toward a car to see what the occupants were doing on his beat.

South Land Park Quadruple Homicide: Community in Shock

South Land Park Quadruple Homicide: Community in Shock After Father Kills Family

SACRAMENTO — A heinous quadruple murder has torn apart a South Land Park family.

“Total shock,” sand Tynya Beverly.

Beverly tells FOX40 her former colleague, Angel Vasquez, her two children and another adult were killed inside their South Land Park home.

Beverly says the man police arrested, Salvador Vasquez-Oliva, is their father and husband.

“This is a big call for love that if you had to do this you are in so much pain to have to take your family out like that,” Beverly said.

The 56-year-old is behind bars at the Sacramento County Jail facing four counts of murder for a crime horrific enough to disturb and disgust a neighborhood and a police department.

“This is a very tragic incident that’s affected everybody from the community, to the family, to the officers that are involved,” said Sacramento Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Bryce Heinlein.

Neighbor and former Sacramento City Council member Lauren Hammond says the children were an 11-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl, who she describes as quiet and reserved.

“We watched them learn how to ride a bike, skateboard, roller skate up and down the street, so losing them is very hurtful,” Hammond said.

Hammond says the children attended John Cabrillo Elementary and Sam Brannan Middle School.

Police say Salvador Vasquez-Oliva is their primary suspect.

Hammond never sensed he could be capable of such a disgusting crime.

“He should have done something else,” Hammond said. “I wont say what that is, but the answer is never to kill your family.”

The California Employment Development Department says Vasquez-Oliva worked for EDD since October 2012 as an office technician.

Beverly says Vasquez also worked for EDD and was in the process of splitting from her husband, but recently let him move back into their South Land Park home.

Beverly says she’s still in denial about the fact this dedicated mother and her children are gone.

“Why the kids? Why the babies?” Beverly said. “I just don’t understand it and I cant get my hands around it.”

Sacramento resident turns himself in after fatal hit-and-run

Wilfredo Cortes, 47, turned himself in to Sacramento Police officers in connection with a fatal Wednesday night hit-and-run collision on Marysville and Los Robles boulevards. Sacramento Police Department

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Wilfredo Cortes, 47, turned himself in to Sacramento Police officers in connection with a fatal Wednesday night hit-and-run collision on Marysville and Los Robles boulevards.

Dozens of Car Windows Smashed Overnight in South Sacramento Neighborhood

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Dozens of Car Windows Smashed Overnight in South Sacramento Neighborhood

Dozens of Car Windows Smashed Overnight in South Sacramento Neighborhood POSTED 6:24 AM, MARCH 10, 2017

Dozens of Car Windows Smashed Overnight in South Sacramento Neighborhood