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Security Hardware

With Alarm.com, customers can have a fully wireless system so that the home or business stays protected even if the power is out, the phone lines and internet are down, or the panel is smashed.

  • Crash and Smash Protection
    ​​​​​​​Offer complete protection, exclusively with Alarm.com’s patented Crash & Smash detection technology. With Crash & Smash Protection by Alarm.com, your customers can rest assured that if a Crash & Smash attack happens at their property, the central station will still be notified immediately. Most security systems have built-in entry delays and alarm reporting delays to ensure that customers have enough time to disarm their systems upon entering their property before an alarm signal is sent. Carrier SignalingWatchdog Security customers can have a fully wireless system so that the home or business stays protected even if the power is out, the phone lines and internet are down, or the panel is smashed.End-User Website and NotificationsThis is the website that the Alarm.com customers use for controlling their security system through a computer. This also covers notifications that the customers use to stay informed regarding their system activity.
  • Wireless Two-Way Voice
    No need to compromise. With Alarm.com’s industry leading wireless two-way voice solution, your customers can have all the benefits of traditional two-way emergency voice service and still eliminate their landline phones, letting them save money without sacrificing their security.
  • Image Sensors                                                                                                                                                   Image sensor is a product that combines a wireless PIR motion sensor, a still camera, completely wireless communication and Alarm.com system. It is designed to deliver better security through visual verification of alarms and increased engagement through an on-demand property views.With Alarm.com you can view what’s causing activity at your property. The wireless Image Sensor, powered by Alarm.com, snaps photos when it detects motion, and sends it to you in real time.Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring, and technology powered by Alarm.com – the leading Smart Home Security platform used by over 2 million people.

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Watchdog Security Complete Alarm System Packages

Alarm.com is trusted by over 2 million people to protect their homes and businesses.

At Watchdog Security we are proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and work relentlessly every day to earn that trust.

Keeping your family and home secure is Job number one. Unlike other systems that piggyback on your cable or phone connection, Watchdog Security alarm systems have a dedicated cellular connection through Alarm.com.

Internet or broadband down? No problem. Power outage? We’ve got you covered with battery backup. Phone line cut? Not an issue. Watchdog Security alarm systems have their own dedicated, reliable cellular connection through Alarm.com.

With Watchdog Security and Alarm.com, you can easily set rules so that your home responds automatically in an emergency to keep you safe.

Your home’s key devices, like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, as well as your heating and AC system, are connected to the security alarm panel.

More sensors communicating with each other creates a smarter system that protects your family in an emergency.



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