Spring Safety Check

Now that the weather is getting consistently warmer we are doing more and more projects around the house. Although it is fun to plant flowers and make our homes more organized we often forget about some very simple, but important checks we need to do around the house to keep our loved ones safe!

  1. Check and replace all batteries on smoke detectors and be sure you have them in places they are needed, it is recommended to have one on each floor and in each bedroom.
  2. Same goes for carbon monoxide detectors, you should check the functionality and change the batteries 2x a year and be sure you have one on each floor and in or near bedrooms.
  3. Clean your smoke alarms each month with the soft brush of your vacuum, avoid using water or soap so you don’t compromise the functionality.
  4. Have fire extinguishers in the kitchen and other easily accessible places in the home.
  5. Make sure all children are included in the family emergency plan including what to do in the event of a fire or carbon alarm.
  6. Always have a pre assigned meeting place or neighbors house to go to in the event of an emergency.

Have a safe and happy Summer!!