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Tom R. gave a 5 star review in Rocklin, CA on 9/19/2017

I used to own an ADT alarm dealership in Rocklin Ca. and retired 3 years ago. I met Allen the owner of Watchdog during my tenure with ADT and asked him to help me with some installations. Once I retired, I asked him to help some of my real estate clients, fellow real estate agents and contacts with the installation of alarms and cameras. I told Allen that if I referred him clients, he MUST be there for service after the alarm installation. Since then, my referrals have received great service after the installation. Also, alarm.com monitoring and viewing cameras on your phone is the leader in monitoring service.

Sarah D. gave a 5 star review in San Jose, CA on 8/21/2017

This took me way too long to write for them! But, I think it’s better this way because now I can share my true experience from very beginning through these first few months of ownership!

I found Watchdog online and was immediately impressed with their reviews and high marks. Any negative reviews, I took with a grain of salt. My initial interaction (email) with Alan was very professional. He was extremely prompt, efficient and friendly. When he reached out via phone, same sort of manner. Not to mention he was calling me during a family outing! Wow! I couldn’t believe it. He gave me a full rundown and let me know some options based on a few question. I was so impressed by his service and wanted to get off the phone just so he could go back to his family. I love that this is a family business and it’s local. I told him my husband and I wanted to research and would get back to him. He didn’t pressure me at all. No pressure, no hassle, no stalking (unlike other services I had worked with…)

A few months later, my husband and I decided to work with them. He was appreciative of my email, and called me when he promised to. Same professionalism and friendliness. We scheduled a time for Marcus to come out and install. I even had mistakenly told him he incorrect amount of windows, and he worked with me for my package. 

Installation appointment was scheduled very soon after. Marcus was very friendly and very real. He knew his stuff and took his time. Asked questions about what was best for us and our family. 

About a week later, our 2 dogs had knocked over one of the window sensors (rambunctious play dogs!) setting the alarm off! The response rate was fantastic. I had reached out to Alan, whom took it upon himself to come and move that sensor for us. No charge! Just as a friendly service. He came out right away too. 

I can’t say enough good things about this company. We are so glad we went with them for our alarm and feel so much better knowing this is all in place. Thank you to the entire team!!!!

Dustin N. gave a 5 star review in Lincoln, CA on 8/6/2017

My significant other and I take our home security very seriously. Our previous alarm company dropped the ball several times, so upon meeting Alan I expressed to him our very high standards and expectations. I told him there would be very little room for error as we were fed up with alarm issues and false alarm penalties. 

Alan and his company rose to the challenge and within a week installed a beautiful security system. It has been very reliable up to this point. Additionally, his associate Will came out and fixed a software problem with our cameras that previously had been worked on for over 10 hours with no resolution…. Will fixed it in 20 minutes.

They are professional, VERY well priced, and listen. I would recommend this security company to anybody, and I look forward to watching this company grow into a powerhouse in the region. Keep up the great work guys, and above all keep delivering exceptional customer service.

Bri T. gave a 5 star review in Lincoln, CA on 5/16/2017

This guy!! Not only did he have us set up within days of calling him but he had Ana amazing quote, he called and made sure it was okay he came earlier! Which was great because my fiancé was home and it just worked out! He wasn’t there too long, he answered every question I had and was extremely knowledgeable! My fiancé is level one certified as a security tech but was upset he couldn’t do it himself, we couldn’t be more happy with the person who did end up doing the installation! Great work!

Theresa B. gave a 5 star rating in Folsom, CA on 4/23/2017

I just had watchdog security installed yesterday. We are pleased with the service and thankful to have chosen this security system. I inquired couple of home security but i think this one tops the most.The owner, Alan was quick to response. Morris was the area manager who came and discussed some options. Morris was very patient, not pushy. Marcus was the technician who came in and installed the system, he was very professional, knows what he’s doing. Soon as Marcus left, we encountered an issue with our video camera and i was a little upset because it did not turn out well so i called Alan, then he asked Marcus to come back the following day to fix the issue. We are now very happy thats why i cannot wait to post this review.

Theresa/Folsom CA.

Cristina S. gave a 5 star rating in Folsom, CA on 3/6/2017

I live in Folsom and just had a new 2 Gig Security system installed in my home by Watchdog Security. They did an awesome job. The sales rep gave me a great deal on my system. Give Morris Carr II a call if you would like a security system installed in your home. His phone number is (916) 203-1090. He is a very nice guy and he will give a great deal on a security system for your home.

Jattalee C. gave a 5 star rating in North Highlands, OR on 3/1/2017

I’m a restaurant business owner, I looked for the best alarm system for my business. I choose one of the famous company but I was disappointed. I found Watchdog company and contacted Alan. Alan is very friendly and help me find the system that fit for my business. I got alarm system and security camera for my business. Alan and team worked very fast and got jobs very well done. I totally recommend Watchdog service.

Dawniel E. gave a 5 star rating in Sacramento, CA on 2/25/2017

Absolutely amazing service! Everyone I dealt with was super helpful and on it. I had a consult on Monday (which was a federal holiday) and everything installed by 2:00 on Saturday. So excited about my new security system and feel so much safer because of it! Also Jeremy was AMAZING!!

Phyl D. gave a 5 star rating in Carmichael, CA on 2/14/2017

Jeremy Canaan of Watchdog Security, YOU ROCK!  Thank you so much for the amazing customer service.  Jeremy has provided services to several of my family members who are completely pleased with the system.  A lot of security system providers advertise the low price as an attention getter.  They don’t disclose the fine print and after obtaining a price quote, what was going to cost $, went to $$$.  I love that the Watchdog system can be operated via your smart  phone and provides historical information.  So, LOOK NO MORE, go with WATCHDOG SECURITY, you will feel good knowing the Watchdog Security really does care.


Marianne W. gave a 5 star rating in Sacramento, CA on 2/23/2017

Alan and Watchdog Security are awesome.  I had my initial system installed several years ago and have upgraded and expanded it twice since then.  There were no high pressure sales and the installation techs have always been great.  They were knowledgeable, professional, and efficient.  They worked quickly and didn’t leave a mess behind.  I have and will continue to recommend Watchdog Security to people interested in an affordable alarm system.


Richard L. gave a 5 star rating in Roseville, CA on 9/27/2016
The professionals at Watchdog Security are great as they went above and beyond to meet our needs. I interviewed a number of alarm companies and chose Watchdog because their staff is incredible, have competitive pricing, and were very professional as they didn’t bash and bad mouth any of they’re competitors like the others did.
Having just left ADT, I have to say these guys are a breath of fresh air… they know the products! We a had a complex system and everything was installed and explained to us easily. The products they offer have more features and don’t look dated.
In general, I’m hoping the entire experience stays positive and I highly recommend Watchdog Security for your residential or business security needs.


Edgar S. gave a 5 star rating in Sacramento, CA on 12/13/2014
This company was the only one out of all the ones I contacted to get an alarm system for my first new house to actually come out and meet me. Alan came and impressed me with the customer service and value of all the products. Everything works great. Though I had a problem with my thermostat, Alan came promptly to my house right after I got home from work and trouble shot the problem, fixed it and even tested the whole system to make sure everything else was working properly as well. I highly recommend these guys.


Michael M. gave a 5 star rating in Sacramento, CA on 10/24/2014
I have a distribution business located in Sacramento, CA. When we open our new office and moved in we did everything we needed except one thing. We forgot about our security needs. I call Watchdog security and spoke with Alan. I explained the need to get the system installed ASAP and he was able to install our system on the same day after hours. He installed a alarm system that I could use my cell phone to arm and disarm as well as check on my alarm status while away. I was very happy with the service he has provided. Thank you Watchdog Security for an excellent job.


Chris M. gave a 5 star rating in West Sacramento, CA on 12/31/2015
Watchdog security installed my home alarm and service. Everything was smooth and seamless. When it comes to service with quality and value, I recommend watchdog security. Easy to work with and will continue to recommend!!


Jon A. gave a 5 star rating in Santa Cruz, CA on 11/7/2014
I worked with Alan at Watchdog Security to get my parent’s alarm as well as my own alarm and home automation setup designed and installed.
He had a fantastic proposal right out the gate and was very pragmatic about what we may and may not want and need. The components are state of the art, installation super efficient (looks killer!), his explanations extremely detailed (been in the industry for quite a while — very knowledgeable) and his pricing extraordinarily fair.
My wife loves the security. I love sitting in bed turning the lights off and locking the doors with my iPhone.


John S. gave a 5 star rating in South Lake Tahoe, CA on 1/10/2016
These guys are great! I talk to the same person all the time (Al). So u don’t have to worry about a big call center. Also gave me a great price for the install and the monthly service. I can do everything from my phone with the security system which make it very convenient. The installer was nice, knowledgeable, and made sure everything was exactly how we wanted it. I strongly recommend Watchdog Security! I call many places in Sacramento and these guys gave me the best price and service.!


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Marianne Wolf gave a 5 star rating on September 19
I love my system. My system is very reliable and I’ve had no problems with any of the components. I’ve been able to easily upgrade and enhance the my system coverage over the several years that I’ve been a client, and have always received great service from the company owner and the service techs. I strongly recommend Watchdog Security if you are considering a system for home or business.


Mike Reed gave a 5 star rating on September 3
Alan is a great guy and Watchdog is our go to for local security needs in Sacramento!


Sandeep Tandel gave a 5 star rating on October 9 at 3:01pm ·
Loved the service. Very professional. Thanks. A+ Work.


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Other Reviews

Above and beyond my expectations! Watchdog not only offers the latest in home automation, they also provide outstanding service throughout the design and installation process. The installation of my system and home security system was flawless.


Watchdog was reasonably priced, the service we received was more than worth it! My wife and I have been so pleased with all of our interactions. I have hired them to install a video surveillance and security system for my business.


When I initially sought to install a home automation system, I took a lot of time resourcing. As a result, not only did I have an expertly designed and professionally installed system, minor issues both related and unrelated to the work that was done. I couldn’t be happier with the guys at Watchdog. I wholeheartedly recommend their work.


My system was about 6 years old, and needed updating. I also wanted to implement some new “smart home” features. They cleaned out my entire system, updating every single item with the newest sensors or programmed light switches – which was more difficult than installing an entirely new system. They managed to keep costs down. The support has been awesome. There has not been an issue. Thank you Watchdog


You already know how exceedingly pleased we are to have you work on our home in Carmichael. I have never dealt with professionals who have such mastery of their product and are able to manage budgets and timelines so effectively. Your work has made our home an even more special. His is a testament to the fact that you love what you do.